Bola chime necklaces


exclusively at Mama Jewels.

Solid 925 silver bola chime necklaces are designed to be worn around the mums neck as a pendant creating a gently chime that the unborn baby can hear from 20 weeks onward. Used since ancient times, the sound from the bola chime necklace is then recognisable by the new born baby. This offers soothing and calming comfort in those early days.

At a later stage when your little one has gone past the stage of pulling and breaking jewellery, your pendant can be mounted on a simple silver chain as a reminder of your pregnancy.

Each bola chime necklace is 925 silver (not plated) and is mounted on silken cord or you can choose an additional Liberty of London cord , beautifully presented in an organza pouch and then gift boxed with instructions

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