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Baltic amber baby teething necklaces for mums and dads

Has your little one just started teething? It’s hard to see your baby feeling that uncomfortable. It’s a heart-rending experience that all parents and toddlers go through. No wonder you’ve scoured the web, looking for where to buy an amber teething necklace.

Mama Jewels carries a lot of those. Our necklaces are designed for mums and dads who need the best remedy to ease their teething babies. They are safe for everyone and combine Baltic amber pieces with silver-lined beads in many beautiful styles. Choose your ideal one and wear something that makes your baby feel better!

Ease your toddler’s pain with a Baltic amber teething necklace

Our teething necklaces are not whim-whams, nor are they ordinary kids’ toys. As a parent, you can wear one while soothing your baby. When it hangs down your chest, it serves as a distraction or an attention grabber for your little one to chew on or fiddle. But that’s not the key point.

When you buy an amber teething necklace, you’re going for a natural pain reliever. That’s where succinic acid comes in. Genuine Baltic amber releases it when the necklace is warmed by your body’s temperature or by rubbing. Its healing properties are proven to:

  • distract your baby from crying
  • relieve sore gums
  • alleviate a child’s pain and overall discomfort

Succinic acid is safe for both the parent and the toddler. Not only that, but our genuine amber teething necklaces are baby-proof and made with non-toxic materials. They are strength-tested to British standards to ensure they do not fall victim to pulling, punching and tugging.

That said, you should never have your little one wear a teething necklace because of the strangulation risk. Leaving him or her unattended is a definite no-no.

The finest artisan-made amber teething necklaces in the UK

Do you hate jewellery that lacks uniqueness? So do we. That’s why we never mass-produce our amber necklaces to inundate the market. Our artisans put their hearts and souls into creating exclusive designs for mums and dads. Now you can be the only one who owns such a unique Baltic amber teething necklace in the UK.

This teething jewellery is also a wonderful gift for expectant or new mummies. When choosing a necklace, you can add a card with a personalised message. It’s a free bonus from Mama Jewels for all parents out there!