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  • Letterbox gift treats box create your own | Eco-friendly, vegan, all-naturalLetterbox gift treats box create your own | Eco-friendly, vegan, all-natural

    Letterbox gift treats box create your own | Eco-friendly, vegan, all-natural

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Gifts for a new mum | New mum hampers

Create custom hampers for newborns and mums
There’s no PERFECT gift for everyone. What makes a thoughtful present for your fitness partner may be a waste of money if you give it to your work colleague. The solution? Curate your own personalised gift box hamper at Mama Jewels.
You are the best person to decide what goes into a curated hamper. If you’re building it for your expectant friend, you can add some pregnancy essentials that will come in handy and you know they’ll love. Curating a present for a new mum? Add in baby toys, breastfeeding journals and other goodies into your personalised gift box hamper and be sure she’ll want to keep it.
You don’t have to choose between great-looking gifts and those that will be useful for the receiver. Our curated hampers are perfect in both ways. Everything will be specially chosen for them.
Design for the occasion when curating personalised baby hampers
Is it a baby shower, celebration of the birth or maybe a religious ceremony? Or do you want to show your support to your friend who’s just found out she’s pregnant? When deciding on the contents in your gift basket, make sure they are suitable for the occasion.
Then choose a basket that can fit all the products you’ve hand-picked. Our custom hamper boxes for newborns and mums are available in three sizes to hold up to 11 gifts:
extra large
Think what can make your gift feel loved and special
In addition to the contents, you can customise the way you’ll present your basket. Select the receiver’s favourite accent colour and include a beautiful message to write on your gift card. With these personal touches, your personalised gift box for baby & mum will certainly feel unique.
Packaged in wonderful magnetic kraft boxes, Mama Jewels products can pamper every mum and mum-to-be. Order a custom gift box hamper in the UK to elevate the moment for your friend!