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Sympathy grief bereavement gift care box | Sage Heart

Sometimes there are simply no words to express your love and care when a loved one is going through grief. Send your love and hug in a box with this thoughtful token gift MJ Artisan Gift Box Co. All natural, vegan-friendly, eco-conscious, sustainably, and beautifully packaged and sent directly to friends, family members or work colleagues who are in need of a little joy in their lives. This box contains:

  • Paper flower peony
  • Porcelain heart token ‘The ones we loved are always in our hearts’
  • Gift card with message – Please choose your card and write your message (we will put this on your card)
  • Eco Gift Box
  • You are loved card with membership to our ‘Self-care Sanctuary’ library of complementary self-care resources

Sending a gift box to a friend going through a tough time is a thoughtful gesture that shows your love, care, and support during their challenging period. The thoughtful contents of the gift box can provide comfort, encouragement, and a sense of being thought of and valued. It offers a tangible expression of your empathy and solidarity, reminding your friend they are not alone in their struggles. The items in the gift box can bring moments of joy, relaxation, and positivity, providing comfort and strength. Overall, sending a gift box is a meaningful way to uplift and uplift your friend during difficult times.

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