Rather dodgy heart shaped gesture in Sweden!

Somewhere in the dim and distant past, a romantic Valentines day was a huge deal for Hubster and I. Hearts, flowers, chocolates, a fancy meal out and plenty of bubbly was how we used to celebrate the annual day of all things loved up!

When I asked you guys what you do; the majority of whom are parents what you had planned for Valentines day, I received a very mixed response. Some still really go to town and that’s fantastic. Others have gone down the ”lets make it more low key” route, some just don’t bother at all. Several of you even celebrate at home with your children, an idea I might just take on board! A Romantic Valentines day with Kids!

These days in our PC life stage (PC meaning Post Children and BC meaning Before Children) Valentines day is a much more subdued ritual that generally involves Me buying him a new jumper to replace the one in the wardrobe with holes in and Him buying me a bottle of my favourite fizzy to enjoy at home.

One year PC, I actually even forgot to get him a card, which I had to laugh about! If BC he’d dared to show the merest hint of having forgotten (by purchasing card and flowers from late night garage), i’d be fuming.

So how has it all changed? Have we really become sensible, boring and rather tight in our middle age?

Working in the gift/retail business, I’m often thinking about Valentines day in November so by the time it arrives I find it quite hard to get excited and I’m often working flat out to send out other peoples Valentines day gifts.

With all the costs of bringing up three hungry boys,the thought of going for a meal to one of our favourite restaurants and paying twice the price because its February 14th and paying for a baby sitter just doesn’t seem to make sense.

However, you might be relieved to hear that we are not completely devoid of romance and time together on our own. Actually we both agree that for us it is very important to spend time together away from the children, it just doesn’t have to be on Valentines day. These days times out are carefully selected music concerts, festivals and the odd mini break to Barcelona or Stockholm!

PS I’d love to hear how things have changed for your Valentines day since having children. By the way, if you have loads of cash, free babysitters and a job very far removed from hearts and flowers I say go out and enjoy St Valentines Day at it’s fullest – I would!