Babies can be tricky little things. Just when you think you have a handle on their little habits and routines, they go and change the rules! All of a sudden they are awake more, crying and wanting lots of comfort at all hours of the day and night. And then your little one starts to dribble a little more than usual, and seems to want to chew almost everything in sight too. Chances are the next exciting chapter in your journey is teething! But before you despair- did you know that you can get stylish teething bracelets for mom that can provide such much needed comfort and relief at this time? And the best thing is that you wear them, and your baby chews them!

When you become a mother, often you are forced to put the real you to one side for a little while. Those floaty scarves and dangling earrings are just not baby friendly! And you can forget about long swishing hair, right? Babies like to grab, pull and chew everything in sight. So the last thing you want is a broken necklace or bracelet, with lots of beads posing a choking hazard to your baby. That’s why our teething bracelets are so unique, and so perfect for this stage in your lives!

Choose a teething bracelet from our range and you can be guaranteed that it is 100% safe, durable and perfect for little hands (and gums) during teething. All of our products are baby proof, which means that you can carry a little of you through motherhood with you. No need to compromise on style after all. And if you’re breastfeeding and baby likes to grab or pull (mainly on you- ouch!) then the teething bracelet is perfect for you. Let little fingers pull and grab as much as they please, and rest assured your bracelet will live to see another day!

The teething bracelets are wonderful because the chunky beads are just the right size to ease pressure on sore gums, and they’re perfectly safe for your baby to chew on. Think of them as stylish teething toys if you will! And what makes our teething bracelets a little different once more is that some designs can also double up as a necklace too. So chop and change your look as often as you like, keeping baby happy at the same time. Multi-tasking at it’s finest!