Teething necklace colour pop collection NEW at Mama Jewels

The latest collection of teething necklaces at Mama Jewels is the Teething necklace colour pop collection NEW Mabel collection. This is our 12th teething jewellery collection, so there are plenty of fabulous designs to choose from! They are simple, yet provide a fabulous pop of colour to brighten up any outfit and jazz up your day in a real non-mumsy way! You’ll be wearing this design for years to come.


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Made from natural dark wood and food grade silicone which all complies with CE regulations, this teething necklace design is both funky and functional. Babies will love the contrast in textures and enjoy biting on the variety of hardwood and the chewy silicone. It’s also great for breastfeeding mums as it’ll give baby something to focus on and fiddle with whilst feeding and also something other than you to pinch! Available in a wide variety of colours and there’s also a bespoke version where you can select your colours! Mama Jewels began making teething jewellery in 2009 after sending designs to a UK UKAS accredited test house. We’ve been successfully making safe teething jewellery here in the UK since our launch at the NEC baby show in 2010. We are a small family run business, who employ mums and really care about our customers. All designs are safety tested, quality checked and comply with CE guidelines.