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The five best practical and beautiful gifts for Mothers day

With so much choice on offer for Mothers day treats, we thought we’d try and make your life easier and pick our top 5 favorites for lovely practical yet beautiful gifts for mummy’s of little ones!

Here are what we consider the best Mothers Day gifts for the one you love.

Bola pregnancy chime necklace

Bola chime necklaces are a beautiful way of bonding with your unborn baby. They have a subtle chime which is worn at baby bump level on a cord or necklace and chimes allowing a baby beyond 20 weeks in utero to hear the chime.

All Mama Jewels bola chime necklaces are sterling silver and can be used as a lovely pendant keepsake after the birth making them a gorgeous idea forĀ Mothers day gifts.

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Teething necklaces

A Teething necklace is a necklace that is designed to be worn by Mum, Dad or carer that is effectively SAFE for your baby to chew on.

During the teething stage, babies love to bite down on anything they can get their hands on and wearing a teething necklaces can really help to entertain your baby.

Mama Jewels necklaces aim to be the MOST STYLISH range available on the market with careful consideration being given to both design and safety. All necklaces are guaranteed break-proof, Non toxic and are all washable.

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Nursing necklaces

For the breastfeeding mum or indeed any mum who has a fiddling, scratching, tugging baby then a Nursing baby-proof necklace will make a fabulous gift!

Each necklace is made using Non toxic components, can be washed and is guarenteed NOT to break!

What makes Mama Jewels nursing necklaces different from other brands is that our designs focus on style and latest trends and we have new fashion forward designs every month!

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Personalised bracelets and necklaces

Mothers day gifts are a reminder of how lovely it is to be a Mummy and that is why we recommend our personalised sterling silver range of stamped and birthstones jewellery.

Each peice can include initials, messages and birthstones of both mummy and her children. Such a lovely reminder and keepsake as well as a peice of stylish jewellery.

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Breastfeeding bracelets

During the early days of breastfeeding it’s really quite difficult to remember which side you fed from last time.

Our gorgeous bracelets make very practical and pretty useful Mothers day gifts to help through those early days and beyond.

Mounted on double strength cord elastic and complete with cute messages like ‘This side next’ and ‘Yummy Mummy’, they comes complete with gift box and instructions for use.

We even do bespoke designs too!

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5 best gifts for Mothersday

5 best gifts for Mothers day

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