You’d think that working for yourself would mean taking a day off when you feel like it would be easy, after all that was one of the main advantages as I saw it five years ago.

Allowing myself time off is something I still find difficult, especially when I’m paying for childcare and have what always feels like such a short space of time to cram everything in before school finishes.

Good news though, I’m definitely getting better as last week, along with three lovely mummy friends, we headed off together to a fairly local famous forest retreat for a ‘cram it into the school day’ bit of relaxation – all hail… The Spa day!

I didn’t actually inform my husband until the night before, i guess because I felt slightly guilty that he would be at work. When I told him, he laughed and said ‘It’s not like you to have a day off; make the most of it’ with a look of slight envy on his face. He loves a good spa day!

After dropping children off at various schools, meeting in the nursery car park and jumping in the car together we headed off on what felt like a bit of a naughty, slightly indulgent adventure, knowing that the rest of our families were either at school or work.

We changed into soft fluffy gowns, grabbed our books, towels and water and headed into this heavenly health resort for four hours of what can only be described as serious loveliness. It was the perfect ‘me day’. Brilliant conversation, lovely food, a swim in the gorgeous outdoor pool, oodles of lovely experience rooms filled with aromatic steam, dry heat and shocking splashes of ice and the gorgeous effect it has on your skin afterwards. The usual moans about life that you can only really share with close friends and then leave at the door. Perfect therpay for a busy working mum, or any mum for that matter!

Sitting outside wrapped in a blankets, we read books (yep really!) as the occasional squirrel popped by to see if we had anything to offer. Indulging in a book is usually something that only happens at bedtime or beach for me and was promptly ribbed for reading a recently purchased one on Marketing! (I did come away with a couple of great ideas!)

As I collected the children from nursery and school that day I felt like the character from the old Ready Brek advert, with a lovely glow, slightly strange floating feeling and the knowledge that less than an hour ago I’d been in the middle of a forest outdoor pool doing pretty much nothing, enjoying every minute of it!

Ok, so reality came crashing down within the hour, but I’m now feeling revitalised and all ready for the Christmas retail onslaught and planning the next spa day for January!