When you’re a busy mum with little ones in tow, it can be hard to retain a little bit of what makes you YOU. All too often it’s easier to throw on comfortable clothes than mean you can run around at the park, or dash off on the school run quickly and easily. But there are times where the usual ‘mum uniform’ just doesn’t cut it. And why should mums compromise on their style when the kids are little? Sometimes all it takes is a few well chosen accessories to help you feel a bit like your old self again, and our unique necklaces were designed specifically for this purpose!

Our baby-proof necklaces are the the perfect compromise. Want to wear colourful, uniques necklaces that compliment your outfit of the day? Want to wear strong, safe necklaces that hold your baby’s birthstone and set off your dress perfectly? There’s no reason why not! And don’t think you can’t adopt the latest trends either- our statement necklaces are funky and durable and designed to withstand the strongest of baby grips too.

Being a mum doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck with the same old outfits and minimal accessories. Shop around, dress up your everyday outfits and let your personality shine! With a splash of colour, some unique necklaces and bracelets, and a touch of YOU, there’s no need for mums to compromise on style at all.