Mama Jewels Cybermummy11 Sonia

Cybermummy11 is finally here – so who did you sponsor to go and why?

We just want to thank the lovely lady that Mama Jewels have sponsored to go to Cybermummy11. Sonia is a great fan of Mama Jewels and we are proud that she is representing our business.

Sonia, a mum of three has her own business as a Freelance photographer and is a very keen Blogger in the ‘Mummy world’ with her Blog ‘Mummy Loves…’ carrying out reviews and finding out about the most exciting new products for mums and babies.

Sonia has been a great support in promoting our business, regularly identifying new clients and letting them know how great she thinks Mama Jewels jewellery is.

We hope you have a wonderful time at Cybermummy11  Sonia, learn lots of new tips and tricks and come back and share them with us at the next Nottinghamshire business mums group.

Sonia is pictured here with her youngest son Maxwell, wearing her favourite necklace by Mama Jewels – Miranda pink.